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posted Dec 2, 2014, 1:25 PM by Ulrik Ilstedt   [ updated Feb 12, 2015, 1:23 AM ]

On Tuesday 24th of February we are arranging a one day workshop;  INVASION IN NORTHERN ECOSYSTEMS We are bringing together a group of researcher, who all work with biological invasions and have the northern perspective in common. The idea is for participants to talk about their model systems and issues in their ongoing research, but also for us to compare different systems, to develop new ideas and find new approaches. We hope to have a good discussion about the importance of different factors that determine biotic resistance under different conditions and in different environments.

The workshop is open for everyone and there is no formal need to register, but it would be nice if you could drop me an email if you want to join (and maybe we can arrange some fika etc), especially if you will be bringing a larger group of students.

For a preliminary schedule, see below

sincerely, Karin Nilsson


Workshop: Invasion in northern ecosystems Umeå 24:e February 2015 Preliminary schedule:

Lectures 10-12 (KBC Lilla hörsalen KB3A9, Umeå University)

10.00 Sigal Balshine (McMaster University) ; Title to be announced

10.30 Tomas Brodin (Umeå University) ; “The role of behavioural traits for invasion biology”

11.00 Andrew MacDougall (University of Guelph): “Climate change and invasion meltdowns in northern grasslands”

11.30 Roland Jansson (Umeå University): “Riparian invasions in the light of community assembly rules: Why are levels of riparian plant invasion high globally but low in northern Scandinavia?”

Lunch 12-13

Lectures 13-15 (KBC Lilla hörsalen KB3A9):

13.00 Ann Milbau (CIRC Abisko, Umeå University); “Plant invasions in high altitude and high latitude ecosystems”

13.30 Michael Gundale (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) ; "The importance of studying exotic species in both their native and introduced environments"

14.00 Anna Henriksson (Umeå University); “Why is species richness a poor predictor of invasion success?”

14.30 Göran Englund (Umeå University) ; “Super species and weaklings – lessons from fish introductions”

Coffee 15-15.30

Discussion (KB3B3) 15.30- 16.30