A number of activities are planned to support the aims of the research school. 

A course package

We have identified a core graduate curriculum that will provide students with advanced education in the area of “Forest Ecology and Management in a Changing Environment.” The courses will be offered at a predictable and complementary time schedule, allowing students to schedule the courses into their study plans.

Poster sessions

Once a year, the research school are organizing a poster session for graduate students to describe their research to our research community. The goal of this activity is to encourage discussion across research units, and allow students to be exposed to a wider range of perspectives that may not occur when conducting research in isolation. While this activity has already been established, we will expand its scopes across departments and by creating an outreach day linked to the poster session. This outreach day will involve inviting key end-user/stakeholder groups and potential employers to the poster session, so that students can interact with these key groups. The goal is to expose the PhD students to the societal needs related to their expertise.

Seminar Series

The department of Forest Ecology and Management hosts a successful seminar series. Our research school make several additions to the seminar series to enhance it utility as a learning tool to our research school participants. First, we use research school money to bring in external speakers for the seminar series within our research school theme. Second, we will web broadcast the seminars through the internal video stream so that they are available to a wider range of participants at other SLU locations. Third, we will strategically invite people to attend the seminars from end-user groups external to SLU. Finally, we will clearly define instructions to seminar speakers to satisfy the goals of the seminar series.

Workshops and Excursions

Once or twice a year we organize a 1-2 day workshop and/or excursion focused on a specific topic within forest ecology and Management. In general, workshops will be held at SLU and consist of presentations by invited speakers, as well as focused discussion sessions. Excursions may be organized in conjunction with workshops, or may occur independently, and will focus upon visits to field sites with field presentations by invited speakers with specific expertise. Some example workshop/excursion topics may be: relationships between diversity and productivity in Swedish forestry, introduction of non-native tree species in Sweden, Forestry and biofuels, Silviculture and C sequestration, tradeoffs between ecosystem goods and services.