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To facilitate strategic planning for our students we here list courses organized by us alone or in collaboration with others, as well as other courses of relevance for our students. 
Click on the course name for more information.

 FEM Research School Courses Credits Time and organizer
 Watershed Ecology and Biogeochemistry 7.5  Sept, 2017. Contact: Hjalmar Laudon (
Restoration and management of tropical forests: 
Field course on  Borneo
 7.5 Oct. 2018, Contact: Ulrik Ilstedt (
 Functioning of Boreal Forest Ecosystems To be determined, Contact: Michael Gundale (
 Field course in boreal forest history, biodiversity and dynamics  Aug-Sept 2018, Contact:  Lars Östlund (
 Stable isotope techniques in ecology and hydrology  14-18 May 2018, Contact John D Marshall (
 Basic statistics  Jan 2017, Anders Muszta (
 Experimental design & ANOVA  April 2017, Arne Pommerening (
 Regression analysis 
Nov 2017,   Arne Pommerening (
 Applied spatial statistics
Oct 2017, Arne Pommerening (
 Multivariate methods for ecologists 4.5 6 Feb 2017 - 24 Feb 2017; Usually given yearly in Uppsala but this time in Umeå, contact Ulf Grandin (; Syllabus
 Regression analysis 4 2 Nov 2015 - 20 Nov 2015
 Bayesian statistics & MCMC methods
 May 2017, Anders Muszta (
 Scientific programming & Simulation   Jun 2017; contact Arne Pommerening (
 General courses  
 Philosophy of science/Research ethics 3 Offered yearly in Umeå and Uppsala, and per request when possible also in Alnarp. Contact  the course convener Per Sandin ( or Lotta Jäderlund (
 Scientific writing  Contact Göran Spong ( for more information
 Information retrieval and Methods for Scientific Communication 2 February 13 - April 7, 2017, Contact SLU University Library (
 Popular Scientific Writing303 Apr - 25 May 2017, Contact Åsa Lankinen (